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Update Checker. More...

#include <UpdateChecker.h>

Inherits from QDialog

Public Slots

void handleNetworkReply(QNetworkReply * reply)

Public Functions

UpdateChecker(Preferences & prefs, QWidget * parent =nullptr)
void run_auto_update_check()
void run_manual_update_check()

Detailed Description

class shapeworks::UpdateChecker;

Update Checker.

This class checks for new versions of ShapeWorks and informs the user with a dialog

Public Slots Documentation

slot handleNetworkReply

void handleNetworkReply(
    QNetworkReply * reply

Public Functions Documentation

function UpdateChecker

explicit UpdateChecker(
    Preferences & prefs,
    QWidget * parent =nullptr

function ~UpdateChecker


function run_auto_update_check

void run_auto_update_check()

function run_manual_update_check

void run_manual_update_check()

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