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ShapeWorks Cloud Shape Viewer

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ShapeWorks Cloud Shape Viewer

The Shape Viewer displays the subjects selected in the data module. The Shape Viewer contains options to select layers, select an axis system, set the dataset thumbnail, reset view, and if the analyze module is active, the difference from mean.

Shape Viewer Options

Option Description
Layers Set the layer(s) to display
Axis System Choose which axis system to use. Options: XYZ, Medical
Set Thumbnail Set the dataset thumbnail
Show Difference From Mean Shows the difference from the mean shape (analyze module only)
Reset View Reset the view back to the default zoom and angle


The layer choice option is NOT available in the analyze module.

Layer Description
Original The original mesh data
Groomed The groomed mesh (colored green)
Reconstructed The reconstructed mesh (colored red)
Particles Optimization particles for the shape
Landmarks Landmarks which mark anatomical features

Set Thumbnail

Set the thumbnail for the dataset. The current shape orientation will be saved and then be visible in the dataset list for that dataset.

Dataset with Thumbnail