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Ellipsoid Joint Generation

About ShapeCohortGenerator

ShapeCohortGenerator is a python package that generates synthetic shape cohorts with ground truth surface correspondences by varying different parameters describing such shape families.

What is new?

We have added a new family of shapes in the ShapeCohortGenerator package. You can now generate ellipsoid joints (two anatomies per shape) which can be used for troubleshooting multiple domain shape modeling workflows.

Similar to the ellipsoid and supershapes generator, the joint generator has three functions: - generate() for mesh generation (function specific to generator type) - generate_segmentations() for segmentation generation based on meshes (general function shared by all generator types) - generate_images() for image generation based on segmentations (general function shared by all generator types)

Please refer to this notebook for all the options for generating the cohorts.

Getting Started with Shape Cohort Generator

Arguments specific to ellipsoid joint generation are:

  • mode_size: uses size as the mode of variation
  • mode_rotation: uses rotation as the mode of variation
  • separation: distance between the two anatomies of the joint

The notebook will soon be updated with examples of ellipsoid joint generation