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ShapeWorks Developer Onboarding

Welcome to ShapeWorks Development!

This page contains pointers to help get you started building and developing with ShapeWorks.


A brief introduction to how Git is used with ShapeWorks can be found in the section, How to Contribute to ShapeWorks?

Also highly recommended is the Git How To.


The ShapeWorks Git repository is hosted on GitHub:

As described in the section about Git, the ShapeWorks team uses Pull Requests (PR) with peer review to integrate changes.

Pull Requests with new features should include automated tests using the Google Test framework. Please look at existing tests for examples.

Coding Style Guide

We adopt the Google Style Guide for C++ coding style.

C++ Core Guidelines

A highly recommended resource for C++ are the C++ Core Guidelines.

Building ShapeWorks

Please see: How to Build ShapeWorks from Source?

Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery

Each pull request triggers builds on Windows, Mac, and Linux runners using GitHub Actions. More about GitHub Actions with ShapeWorks can be found here.

Build artifacts are created for each build and kept automatically for a period of time. These are full binary installers suitable for end-user install.