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ShapeWorks Interfaces

ShapeWorks tools are designed to support different usage scenarios, including execution on a local computing platform through the terminal (command line) and the user-friendly Studio application, APIs including Python, and remote systems such as private or public clouds.

ShapeWorks Command

ShapeWorks consists of a set of independent command line tools for preprocessing binary segmentations and surface meshes (Groom) and computing landmark-based shape models (Optimize). It also includes an interactive user interface called ShapeWorks Studio to analyze and visualize the optimized shape models (Analyze).

We are consolidating these tools into a single, reusable API that is shared across different computational libraries in ShapeWorks, and a standalone shapeworks command. Visit ShapeWorks Command for an illustrative example.

The shapeworks executable is highly flexible, modular, and loosely coupled, with standardized subcommands and interactive help to perform individual operations needed for a typical shape modeling workflow that includes the Groom, Optimize, and Analyze phases. Please see shapeworks commands documentation for the list of available commands.

Activate shapeworks environment

Each time you use ShapeWorks from the command line, you must first activate its environment using the conda activate shapeworks command on the terminal.

ShapeWorks in Python

We are developing Python bindings to enable users to script their customized shape modeling workflows. See ShapeWorks in Python for more details and pointers to step-by-step, hands-on tutorials on different aspects of the shape modeling workflow in a transparent, reproducible, and sharable manner.

ShapeWorks with Python support

ShapeWorks Python library is currently under active development and is part of our major releases as of ShapeWorks 6.

About use cases

Exemplar use cases will be updated to use these Python APIs to showcase their use and flexibility.

ShapeWorks Studio

ShapeWorks Studio is a cross-platform graphical user interface (GUI) to support the standard shape analysis workflow needed by most ShapeWorks users, enabling a wide variety of research scenarios. It is currently supporting image-based grooming and is actively under development to support surface meshes, more sophisticated grooming operations (including user annotations), and offline processing. ShapeWorks Studio enables real-time parameter tuning and visualization of the optimization process and statistical analyses.

For more information about ShapeWorks Studio, see here

ShapeWorks in the Cloud

Work in progress ... Stay tuned!

In Progress