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How to Cite ShapeWorks?


If you use ShapeWorks in work that leads to published research, we humbly ask that you to cite ShapeWorks, add the following to the 'Acknowledgments' section of your paper:

"The National Institutes of Health supported this work under grant numbers NIBIB-U24EB029011, NIAMS-R01AR076120, NHLBI-R01HL135568, and NIBIB-R01EB016701."

and add the following 'disclaimer':

"The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health."


When referencing ShapeWorks, please include a bibliographical reference to the paper below, and, if possible, include a link to

Joshua Cates, Shireen Elhabian, Ross Whitaker. "Shapeworks: particle-based shape correspondence and visualization software." Statistical Shape and Deformation Analysis. Academic Press, 2017. 257-298.

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author = {Cates, Joshua and Elhabian, Shireen and Whitaker, Ross},
booktitle = {Statistical Shape and Deformation Analysis},
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