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Inherits from itk::DataObject

Public Types

typedef ParticleGaussianModeWriter Self
typedef itk::SmartPointer< Self > Pointer
typedef itk::SmartPointer< const Self > ConstPointer
typedef DataObject Superclass
typedef ParticleSystem ParticleSystemType
typedef LegacyShapeMatrix ShapeMatrixType
typedef ShapeMatrixType::DataType DataType
typedef ParticleSystemType::PointType PointType
typedef vnl_vector< DataType > vnl_vector_type
typedef vnl_matrix< DataType > vnl_matrix_type

Public Functions

itkTypeMacro(ParticleGaussianModeWriter , DataObject )
itkNewMacro(Self )
itkStaticConstMacro(Dimension , unsigned int , VDimension )
void Update() const
int GetNumberOfModes() const
void SetNumberOfModes(int b)
void SetShapeMatrix(ShapeMatrixType * s)
ShapeMatrixType * GetShapeMatrix()
const ShapeMatrixType * GetShapeMatrix() const
void SetFileName(const std::string & s)
void SetFileName(const char * s)
const std::string & GetFileName() const

Protected Functions

virtual ~ParticleGaussianModeWriter()
void operator=(const ParticleGaussianModeWriter & )
ParticleGaussianModeWriter(const ParticleGaussianModeWriter & )

Protected Attributes

ShapeMatrixType::Pointer m_ShapeMatrix
int m_NumberOfModes
std::string m_FileName

Detailed Description

template <unsigned int VDimension>
class shapeworks::ParticleGaussianModeWriter;

Public Types Documentation

typedef Self

typedef ParticleGaussianModeWriter shapeworks::ParticleGaussianModeWriter< VDimension >::Self;

Standard class typedefs.

typedef Pointer

typedef itk::SmartPointer<Self> shapeworks::ParticleGaussianModeWriter< VDimension >::Pointer;

typedef ConstPointer

typedef itk::SmartPointer<const Self> shapeworks::ParticleGaussianModeWriter< VDimension >::ConstPointer;

typedef Superclass

typedef DataObject shapeworks::ParticleGaussianModeWriter< VDimension >::Superclass;

typedef ParticleSystemType

typedef ParticleSystem shapeworks::ParticleGaussianModeWriter< VDimension >::ParticleSystemType;

Type of particle system and associated classes.

typedef ShapeMatrixType

typedef LegacyShapeMatrix shapeworks::ParticleGaussianModeWriter< VDimension >::ShapeMatrixType;

typedef DataType

typedef ShapeMatrixType::DataType shapeworks::ParticleGaussianModeWriter< VDimension >::DataType;

typedef PointType

typedef ParticleSystemType::PointType shapeworks::ParticleGaussianModeWriter< VDimension >::PointType;

Vector & Point types.

typedef vnl_vector_type

typedef vnl_vector<DataType> shapeworks::ParticleGaussianModeWriter< VDimension >::vnl_vector_type;

typedef vnl_matrix_type

typedef vnl_matrix<DataType> shapeworks::ParticleGaussianModeWriter< VDimension >::vnl_matrix_type;

Public Functions Documentation

function itkTypeMacro

    ParticleGaussianModeWriter ,

function itkNewMacro


Method for creation through the object factory.

function itkStaticConstMacro

    Dimension ,
    unsigned int ,

Dimensionality of the domain of the particle system.

function Update

void Update() const

Write the first n modes to +- 3 std dev and the mean of the model described by the covariance matrix.

function GetNumberOfModes

inline int GetNumberOfModes() const

function SetNumberOfModes

inline void SetNumberOfModes(
    int b

function SetShapeMatrix

inline void SetShapeMatrix(
    ShapeMatrixType * s

Access the shape matrix.

function GetShapeMatrix

inline ShapeMatrixType * GetShapeMatrix()

function GetShapeMatrix

inline const ShapeMatrixType * GetShapeMatrix() const

function SetFileName

inline void SetFileName(
    const std::string & s

Set/Get the filename prefix.

function SetFileName

inline void SetFileName(
    const char * s

function GetFileName

inline const std::string & GetFileName() const

Protected Functions Documentation

function ParticleGaussianModeWriter

inline ParticleGaussianModeWriter()

function ~ParticleGaussianModeWriter

inline virtual ~ParticleGaussianModeWriter()

function operator=

void operator=(
    const ParticleGaussianModeWriter & 

function ParticleGaussianModeWriter

    const ParticleGaussianModeWriter & 

Protected Attributes Documentation

variable m_ShapeMatrix

ShapeMatrixType::Pointer m_ShapeMatrix;

variable m_NumberOfModes

int m_NumberOfModes;

variable m_FileName

std::string m_FileName;

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