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Inherits from itk::EventObject

Public Types

typedef ParticleEvent Self

Public Functions

virtual ~ParticleEvent()
ParticleEvent(const ParticleEvent & v)
const ParticleEvent & operator=(const ParticleEvent & v)
virtual const char * GetEventName() const
virtual bool CheckEvent(const ::itk::EventObject * e) const
::itk::EventObject * MakeObject() const
void SetPositionIndex(int i)
int GetPositionIndex() const
void SetDomainIndex(int i)
int GetDomainIndex() const

Public Types Documentation

typedef Self

typedef ParticleEvent shapeworks::ParticleEvent::Self;

Public Functions Documentation

function ParticleEvent

inline ParticleEvent()

function ~ParticleEvent

inline virtual ~ParticleEvent()

function ParticleEvent

inline ParticleEvent(
    const ParticleEvent & v

Copy constructor and operator=

function operator=

inline const ParticleEvent & operator=(
    const ParticleEvent & v

function GetEventName

inline virtual const char * GetEventName() const

Standard ITK event members.

function CheckEvent

inline virtual bool CheckEvent(
    const ::itk::EventObject * e
) const

function MakeObject

inline ::itk::EventObject * MakeObject() const

function SetPositionIndex

inline void SetPositionIndex(
    int i

Get/Set the index value.

function GetPositionIndex

inline int GetPositionIndex() const

function SetDomainIndex

inline void SetDomainIndex(
    int i

Get/Set the Domain index value.

function GetDomainIndex

inline int GetDomainIndex() const

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