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Excel file format reader for Project. More...

#include <ExcelProjectReader.h>

Inherits from shapeworks::ProjectReader

Public Functions

ExcelProjectReader(Project & project)
virtual bool read_project(std::string filename) override
Read a project from a file.
virtual StringMap get_parameters(std::string name) override
virtual StringMultiMap get_multi_parameters(std::string name) override

Additional inherited members

Public Types inherited from shapeworks::ProjectReader

using project::types::StringMapList StringMapList
using project::types::StringMap StringMap
using project::types::StringList StringList
using project::types::StringMultiMap StringMultiMap

Public Functions inherited from shapeworks::ProjectReader

ProjectReader(Project & project)
virtual ~ProjectReader() =default

Protected Functions inherited from shapeworks::ProjectReader

void load_subjects(StringMapList list)
Load subjects from string map list.
void load_parameters()
void load_parameter(std::string name, StringMap map)
void load_landmark_definitions(StringMapList list)
bool contains(StringMap map, std::string key)
StringList get_keys(StringMap map)

Protected Attributes inherited from shapeworks::ProjectReader

Project & project_

Detailed Description

class shapeworks::ExcelProjectReader;

Excel file format reader for Project.

This class enables reader of Project objects from XLSX file format

Public Functions Documentation

function ExcelProjectReader

    Project & project

function ~ExcelProjectReader


function read_project

virtual bool read_project(
    std::string filename
) override

Read a project from a file.

Reimplements: shapeworks::ProjectReader::read_project

function get_parameters

virtual StringMap get_parameters(
    std::string name
) override

Reimplements: shapeworks::ProjectReader::get_parameters

function get_multi_parameters

virtual StringMultiMap get_multi_parameters(
    std::string name
) override

Reimplements: shapeworks::ProjectReader::get_multi_parameters

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