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Public Types

typedef ObjectWriter Self
typedef T ObjectType

Public Functions

void SetInput(const std::vector< ObjectType > & p)
void SetFileName(const char * fn)
void SetFileName(const std::string & fn)
const std::string & GetFileName() const
void Write()
void Update()
virtual ~ObjectWriter()

Detailed Description

template <class T >
class ObjectWriter;

Public Types Documentation

typedef Self

typedef ObjectWriter ObjectWriter< T >::Self;

Standard class typedefs

typedef ObjectType

typedef T ObjectWriter< T >::ObjectType;

Public Functions Documentation

function SetInput

inline void SetInput(
    const std::vector< ObjectType > & p

Set the input vector. The input is a reference to a std::vector of ObjectType.

function SetFileName

inline void SetFileName(
    const char * fn

function SetFileName

inline void SetFileName(
    const std::string & fn

function GetFileName

inline const std::string & GetFileName() const

function Write

inline void Write()

Write the file.

function Update

inline void Update()

function ObjectWriter

inline ObjectWriter()

function ~ObjectWriter

inline virtual ~ObjectWriter()

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