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class FEFillHole
class FEFillHole::EdgeRing
struct FEFillHole::FACE

Source code

#pragma once
#include "FEMesh.h"

// This class implements a modifier that fills a hole in a mesh. 
class FEFillHole
    // helper class for defining a closed loop of edges
    class EdgeRing
        EdgeRing(){ m_winding = 1; }
        EdgeRing(const EdgeRing& ring) { m_node = ring.m_node; m_r = ring.m_r; m_winding = ring.m_winding; m_normal = ring.m_normal; }
        void operator = (const EdgeRing& ring) { m_node = ring.m_node; m_r = ring.m_r; m_winding = ring.m_winding;  m_normal = ring.m_normal; }

        bool empty() { return m_node.empty(); }

        void add(int n, const vec3d& r, const vec3d& nn) { m_node.push_back(n); m_r.push_back(r); m_normal.push_back(nn); }

        void clear() { m_node.clear(); m_r.clear(); m_normal.clear(); }

        int size() { return (int)m_node.size(); }

        int operator [] (int i) { return m_node[i]; }

        void GetLeftEar(int n0, int n1, EdgeRing& ear);
        void GetRightEar(int n0, int n1, EdgeRing & ear);

        vector<vec3d>   m_r;        // nodal positions
        vector<int>     m_node;     // sorted list of nodes defining the closed loop
        int             m_winding;  // +1 or -1 depending on the winding
        vector<vec3d>   m_normal;   //node normals

    // helper class for representing a new face
    struct FACE
        vec3d   r[3];   // nodal positions
        int     n[3];   // the three nodes of the face

    FEMesh* Apply(FEMesh* pm);

    bool optimize;
    bool insertNodes;
    bool AFM(FEMesh& mesh, EdgeRing& ring, vector<FACE>& tri_list, vector<vec3d> &node_list);
    //Addd node
    vec3d newNode(vec3d current_node, vec3d next_node, vec3d prev_node, vec3d node_normal, double scale, bool concave);
    // divide a ring
    bool DivideRing(EdgeRing& ring, vector<FACE>& tri_list);

    // divide a ring
    bool DivideRing1(EdgeRing& ring, vector<FACE>& tri_list);

    // fill all holes
    void FillAllHoles(FEMesh* pm);

    // Find the ring based on a node (TODO: should I move this to the FEMesh class?)
    bool FindEdgeRing(FEMesh& mesh, int node, EdgeRing& ring);

    // Find the approximate normal of a ring
    vec3d RingNormal(EdgeRing& ring);

    // check if the split is valid
    bool IsValidSplit(EdgeRing& left, EdgeRing& right, const vec3d& p, const vec3d& t);

    // get location sign (+1 on positive side, -1 on negative side, 0 = on both sides)
    int GetPlaneOrientation(EdgeRing& ring, const vec3d& p, const vec3d& t);

    // get the area of the smallest triangle
    double min_tri_area(vector<FACE>& tri);

    // get the quality of the worst triangle
    double min_tri_quality(vector<FACE>& tri);

    // get the triangle quality
    double tri_quality(vec3d r[3]);

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