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Each column describes a shape. A shape may be composed of m_DomainsPerShape domains (default 1). ALL DOMAINS ARE NOT ASSUMED TO HAVE THE SAME NUMBER OF PARTICLES! More...

#include <ShapeGradientMatrix.h>

Inherits from vnl_matrix< double >, shapeworks::Observer

Public Types

typedef double DataType
typedef ShapeGradientMatrix Self
typedef Observer Superclass
typedef itk::SmartPointer< Self > Pointer
typedef itk::SmartPointer< const Self > ConstPointer
typedef itk::WeakPointer< const Self > ConstWeakPointer
typedef ParticleSystem ParticleSystemType

Public Functions

itkNewMacro(Self )
itkTypeMacro(ShapeGradientMatrix , Observer )
virtual void BeforeIteration()
virtual void AfterIteration()
void SetDomainsPerShape(int i)
int GetDomainsPerShape() const
void SetAttributesPerDomain(const std::vector< int > & i)
void SetAttributeScales(const std::vector< double > & s)
void SetXYZ(int i, bool val)
void SetNormals(int i, bool val)
virtual void SetMatrix(const vnl_matrix< double > & m)
virtual void ResizeMatrix(int rs, int cs)
void SetValues(const ParticleSystemType * ps, int idx, int d)
virtual void DomainAddEventCallback(Object * , const itk::EventObject & )
virtual void PositionAddEventCallback(Object * o, const itk::EventObject & e)
virtual void PositionSetEventCallback(Object * o, const itk::EventObject & e)
virtual void PositionRemoveEventCallback(Object * , const itk::EventObject & )

Protected Functions

virtual ~ShapeGradientMatrix()
void PrintSelf(std::ostream & os, itk::Indent indent) const

Protected Attributes

int m_DomainsPerShape

Additional inherited members

Public Classes inherited from shapeworks::Observer

struct DefinedCallbacksStruct

Public Functions inherited from shapeworks::Observer

virtual void TransformSetEventCallback(Object * , const itk::EventObject & )
virtual void PrefixTransformSetEventCallback(Object * , const itk::EventObject & )
virtual void NeighborhoodSetEventCallback(Object * , const itk::EventObject & )

Protected Functions inherited from shapeworks::Observer

virtual ~Observer()

Public Attributes inherited from shapeworks::Observer

DefinedCallbacksStruct m_DefinedCallbacks

Detailed Description

class shapeworks::ShapeGradientMatrix;

Each column describes a shape. A shape may be composed of m_DomainsPerShape domains (default 1). ALL DOMAINS ARE NOT ASSUMED TO HAVE THE SAME NUMBER OF PARTICLES!

Each column represents a single shape.

Public Types Documentation

typedef DataType

typedef double shapeworks::ShapeGradientMatrix::DataType;

Standard class typedefs

typedef Self

typedef ShapeGradientMatrix shapeworks::ShapeGradientMatrix::Self;

typedef Superclass

typedef Observer shapeworks::ShapeGradientMatrix::Superclass;

typedef Pointer

typedef itk::SmartPointer<Self> shapeworks::ShapeGradientMatrix::Pointer;

typedef ConstPointer

typedef itk::SmartPointer<const Self> shapeworks::ShapeGradientMatrix::ConstPointer;

typedef ConstWeakPointer

typedef itk::WeakPointer<const Self> shapeworks::ShapeGradientMatrix::ConstWeakPointer;

typedef ParticleSystemType

typedef ParticleSystem shapeworks::ShapeGradientMatrix::ParticleSystemType;

Public Functions Documentation

function itkNewMacro


function itkTypeMacro

    ShapeGradientMatrix ,

function BeforeIteration

inline virtual void BeforeIteration()

function AfterIteration

inline virtual void AfterIteration()

function SetDomainsPerShape

inline void SetDomainsPerShape(
    int i

Set/Get the number of domains per shape. This can only be safely done before shapes are initialized with points!

function GetDomainsPerShape

inline int GetDomainsPerShape() const

function SetAttributesPerDomain

inline void SetAttributesPerDomain(
    const std::vector< int > & i

function SetAttributeScales

inline void SetAttributeScales(
    const std::vector< double > & s

function SetXYZ

inline void SetXYZ(
    int i,
    bool val

function SetNormals

inline void SetNormals(
    int i,
    bool val

function SetMatrix

inline virtual void SetMatrix(
    const vnl_matrix< double > & m

function ResizeMatrix

inline virtual void ResizeMatrix(
    int rs,
    int cs

function SetValues

void SetValues(
    const ParticleSystemType * ps,
    int idx,
    int d

function DomainAddEventCallback

inline virtual void DomainAddEventCallback(
    Object * ,
    const itk::EventObject & 

Reimplements: shapeworks::Observer::DomainAddEventCallback

Callbacks that may be defined by a subclass. If a subclass defines one of these callback methods, the corresponding flag in m_DefinedCallbacks should be set to true so that the ParticleSystem will know to register the appropriate event with this method.

function PositionAddEventCallback

inline virtual void PositionAddEventCallback(
    Object * o,
    const itk::EventObject & e

Reimplements: shapeworks::Observer::PositionAddEventCallback

function PositionSetEventCallback

inline virtual void PositionSetEventCallback(
    Object * o,
    const itk::EventObject & e

Reimplements: shapeworks::Observer::PositionSetEventCallback

function PositionRemoveEventCallback

inline virtual void PositionRemoveEventCallback(
    Object * ,
    const itk::EventObject & 

Reimplements: shapeworks::Observer::PositionRemoveEventCallback

Protected Functions Documentation

function ShapeGradientMatrix

inline ShapeGradientMatrix()

function ~ShapeGradientMatrix

inline virtual ~ShapeGradientMatrix()

function PrintSelf

inline void PrintSelf(
    std::ostream & os,
    itk::Indent indent
) const

Protected Attributes Documentation

variable m_DomainsPerShape

int m_DomainsPerShape;

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