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Performs good/bad points assessment and reports the bad positions of the particle system.

#include <ParticleGoodBadAssessment.h>

Public Types

using MeanCurvatureContainer< float, 3 > MeanCurvatureCacheType

Public Functions

void set_domains_per_shape(int i)
void set_criterion_angle(double a)
std::vector< std::vector< int > > run_assessment(const ParticleSystem * ps, MeanCurvatureCacheType * mean_curvature_cache)

Public Types Documentation

using MeanCurvatureCacheType

using shapeworks::ParticleGoodBadAssessment::MeanCurvatureCacheType =  MeanCurvatureContainer<float, 3>;

Public Functions Documentation

function set_domains_per_shape

inline void set_domains_per_shape(
    int i

function set_criterion_angle

inline void set_criterion_angle(
    double a

function run_assessment

std::vector< std::vector< int > > run_assessment(
    const ParticleSystem * ps,
    MeanCurvatureCacheType * mean_curvature_cache

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