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#include <itkParticleRegionNeighborhood.h>

Public Types

typedef PointTreeType::NodePointerType NodePointerType
typedef PointTreeType::PointListType::iterator IteratorType

Public Functions

IteratorNodePair(const IteratorType & p, const NodePointerType & n)
IteratorNodePair(const IteratorNodePair & o)
const IteratorNodePair & operator=(const IteratorNodePair & o)

Public Attributes

IteratorType Iterator
NodePointerType NodePointer

Detailed Description

struct itk::ParticleRegionNeighborhood::IteratorNodePair;

Map for direct reference of PointIndexPairs and Tree nodes from the PointTree. This is used for fast removal or modification of point values.

Public Types Documentation

typedef NodePointerType

typedef PointTreeType::NodePointerType itk::ParticleRegionNeighborhood< VDimension >::IteratorNodePair::NodePointerType;

typedef IteratorType

typedef PointTreeType::PointListType::iterator itk::ParticleRegionNeighborhood< VDimension >::IteratorNodePair::IteratorType;

Public Functions Documentation

function IteratorNodePair

inline IteratorNodePair()

function ~IteratorNodePair

inline ~IteratorNodePair()

function IteratorNodePair

inline IteratorNodePair(
    const IteratorType & p,
    const NodePointerType & n

function IteratorNodePair

inline IteratorNodePair(
    const IteratorNodePair & o

function operator=

inline const IteratorNodePair & operator=(
    const IteratorNodePair & o

Public Attributes Documentation

variable Iterator

IteratorType Iterator;

variable NodePointer

NodePointerType NodePointer;

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