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#include <itkParticleAttribute.h>

Public Functions


Public Attributes

bool Event
bool EventWithIndex
bool DomainAddEvent
bool TransformSetEvent
bool PrefixTransformSetEvent
bool NeighborhoodSetEvent
bool PositionSetEvent
bool PositionAddEvent
bool PositionRemoveEvent

Detailed Description

struct itk::ParticleAttribute::DefinedCallbacksStruct;

Data structure indicating which callback functions are defined by a subclass. The ParticleSystem class will reference this structure to determine which callbacks to register. This is just a list of every event defined in itkParticleEvent.h

Public Functions Documentation

function DefinedCallbacksStruct

inline DefinedCallbacksStruct()

Public Attributes Documentation

variable Event

bool Event;

variable EventWithIndex

bool EventWithIndex;

variable DomainAddEvent

bool DomainAddEvent;

variable TransformSetEvent

bool TransformSetEvent;

variable PrefixTransformSetEvent

bool PrefixTransformSetEvent;

variable NeighborhoodSetEvent

bool NeighborhoodSetEvent;

variable PositionSetEvent

bool PositionSetEvent;

variable PositionAddEvent

bool PositionAddEvent;

variable PositionRemoveEvent

bool PositionRemoveEvent;

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