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Utilities for Studio.

#include <StudioUtils.h>

Public Functions

bool ask_multiple_domains_as_single(QWidget * parent, std::shared_ptr< Project > project)
QStringList to_string_list(std::vector< std::string > vector)
convert a vector of std::string to QStringList
QImage vtk_image_to_qimage(vtkSmartPointer< vtkImageData > image_data)
convert vtkImageData to QImage
vtkSmartPointer< vtkPolyData > reverse_poly_data(vtkSmartPointer< vtkPolyData > poly_data)
reverse a poly data

Public Functions Documentation

function ask_multiple_domains_as_single

static bool ask_multiple_domains_as_single(
    QWidget * parent,
    std::shared_ptr< Project > project

function to_string_list

static QStringList to_string_list(
    std::vector< std::string > vector

convert a vector of std::string to QStringList

function vtk_image_to_qimage

static QImage vtk_image_to_qimage(
    vtkSmartPointer< vtkImageData > image_data

convert vtkImageData to QImage

function reverse_poly_data

static vtkSmartPointer< vtkPolyData > reverse_poly_data(
    vtkSmartPointer< vtkPolyData > poly_data

reverse a poly data

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