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#include <object_reader.h>

Public Types

typedef object_reader Self
typedef T ObjectType

Public Functions

const std::vector< ObjectType > & GetOutput() const
std::vector< ObjectType > & GetOutput()
void SetFileName(const char * fn)
void SetFileName(const std::string & fn)
const std::string & GetFileName() const
void Read()
void Update()
virtual ~object_reader()

Detailed Description

template <class T >
class object_reader;

Reads a std::vector of c++ objects. The first integer in the file is assumed to represent the number of transforms in the file. The size of each transform is determined by the templating.

Public Types Documentation

typedef Self

typedef object_reader object_reader< T >::Self;

Standard class typedefs

typedef ObjectType

typedef T object_reader< T >::ObjectType;

Public Functions Documentation

function GetOutput

inline const std::vector< ObjectType > & GetOutput() const

Get the output of the reader. The output is a std::vector of TransformType.

function GetOutput

inline std::vector< ObjectType > & GetOutput()

function SetFileName

inline void SetFileName(
    const char * fn

function SetFileName

inline void SetFileName(
    const std::string & fn

function GetFileName

inline const std::string & GetFileName() const

function Read

inline void Read()

Read the file.

function Update

inline void Update()

function object_reader

inline object_reader()

function ~object_reader

inline virtual ~object_reader()

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