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Inherits from DataObject

Public Types

typedef T DataType
typedef ParticleContainer Self
typedef DataObject Superclass
typedef SmartPointer< Self > Pointer
typedef SmartPointer< const Self > ConstPointer
typedef WeakPointer< const Self > ConstWeakPointer

Public Functions

itkNewMacro(Self )
itkTypeMacro(ParticleContainer , DataObject )
T & operator[](size_t k)
T & Get(size_t k)
unsigned long int GetSize() const

Protected Functions

void PrintSelf(std::ostream & os, Indent indent) const
virtual ~ParticleContainer()

Detailed Description

template <class T >
class itk::ParticleContainer;

Public Types Documentation

typedef DataType

typedef T itk::ParticleContainer< T >::DataType;

Standard class typedefs

typedef Self

typedef ParticleContainer itk::ParticleContainer< T >::Self;

typedef Superclass

typedef DataObject itk::ParticleContainer< T >::Superclass;

typedef Pointer

typedef SmartPointer<Self> itk::ParticleContainer< T >::Pointer;

typedef ConstPointer

typedef SmartPointer<const Self> itk::ParticleContainer< T >::ConstPointer;

typedef ConstWeakPointer

typedef WeakPointer<const Self> itk::ParticleContainer< T >::ConstWeakPointer;

Public Functions Documentation

function itkNewMacro


Method for creation through the object factory.

function itkTypeMacro

    ParticleContainer ,

Run-time type information (and related methods).

function operator[]

inline T & operator[](
    size_t k

Returns a reference to the object associated with index k. If the index k does not already exist, this method inserts a new entry for k.

function Get

inline T & Get(
    size_t k

Convenience method since all usage of this function is via a pointer, leading ugly syntax like ->operator

function GetSize

inline unsigned long int GetSize() const

Number of objects in the container.

Protected Functions Documentation

function ParticleContainer

inline ParticleContainer()

function PrintSelf

inline void PrintSelf(
    std::ostream & os,
    Indent indent
) const

function ~ParticleContainer

inline virtual ~ParticleContainer()

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