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Inherits from shapeworks::Job, QObject

Public Types

enum class JobType

Public Signals

void report_progress(shapeworks::ShapeEvaluationJob::JobType job_type, float progress)
void result_ready(shapeworks::ShapeEvaluationJob::JobType job_type, Eigen::VectorXd data)

Public Functions

ShapeEvaluationJob(JobType job_type, ParticleShapeStatistics stats)
virtual void run() override
run the job
virtual QString name() override
get the name of the job

Additional inherited members

Public Signals inherited from shapeworks::Job

void progress(double , QString ="")
void finished()

Public Functions inherited from shapeworks::Job

virtual ~Job()
virtual QString get_completion_message()
get a message to display when the job is complete
virtual QString get_abort_message()
get a message to display when the job is aborted
void start_timer()
start the timer
qint64 timer_elapsed()
how much time has elapsed since the timer was started
void set_complete(bool complete)
set the job as complete
bool is_complete() const
is the job complete?
void abort()
abort the job
bool is_aborted() const
was the job aborted?
void set_quiet_mode(bool quiet)
set to quiet mode (no progress messages)
bool get_quiet_mode()
get quiet mode

Public Types Documentation

enum JobType

Enumerator Value Description

Public Signals Documentation

signal report_progress

void report_progress(
    shapeworks::ShapeEvaluationJob::JobType job_type,
    float progress

signal result_ready

void result_ready(
    shapeworks::ShapeEvaluationJob::JobType job_type,
    Eigen::VectorXd data

Public Functions Documentation

function ShapeEvaluationJob

    JobType job_type,
    ParticleShapeStatistics stats

function run

virtual void run() override

run the job

Reimplements: shapeworks::Job::run

function name

virtual QString name() override

get the name of the job

Reimplements: shapeworks::Job::name

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