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How to Add and Run Unit Tests?

Running ShapeWorks Automated Tests

To run the automated tests, after building, run:

$ ctest


$ make test

If using Unix Makefile, for example

Adding New ShapeWorks Automated Tests

Depending on the type of operation to be tested, they should be defined in the associated Tests.cpp

Testing from C++ interface:

  • For project related functions, use Testing/GroomTests/GroomTests.cpp
  • For image related functions, use Testing/ImageTests/ImageTests.cpp
  • For mesh related functions, use Testing/MeshTests/MeshTests.cpp
  • For optimize related functions, use Testing/OptimizeTests/OptimizeTests.cpp
  • For particles related functions, use Testing/ParticlesTests/ParticlesTests.cpp
TEST(typeofoperationTests, nameoftestTest)
  // define test

  ASSERT_TRUE(); // compare result

For testing from Python interface, use Testing/PythonTests/PythonTests.cpp
Python scripts should be added to Testing/PythonTests

TEST(pythonTests, nameoftestTest)

For testing from Command Line interface, use Testing/shapeworksTests/shapeworksTests.cpp
Shell scripts should be added to Testing/shapeworksTests

TEST(shapeworksTests, nameoftestTest)

Testing data should be placed in Testing/data.